Comparative evaluation of retentive strength of polyvinyl siloxane impression materials to custom tray using different tray adhesives: An In Vitro study

Jinsa P Devassy, Nishna Pradeep, A V Sreekumar, Jimmy George, Jittin James, Jacob George


The retentive strength of the impression material to the impression tray is an important factor that can affect the quality of the final impression. Separation of the impression from the tray or tearing of the impression while removing from the mouth could be one of the reasons for distortion. It is imperative to know the most effective tray adhesive which can be used with different brands of rubber-based impression material. So, this study was directed to compare the different tray adhesives that can be effectively used in our day-to-day clinical practice.



Tray adhesive; Polyvinyl siloxane impression material; Retentive strength

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