Cyclic Fatigue Resistance of Edge File X7 and 2Shape Endodontic Systems: in vitro study.


  • Ahmed Mustaf Mohammed University of Mosul
  • Ashraf Salim Alchalabi University of Mosul - College of Dentistry - Conservative Dentistry Department - Ninawa Governorate – Iraq.



cyclic fatigue resistance, Edge File X7, 2Shape system, Endodontic , Canal curvature


Objectives: In order to test the resistance of rotary instruments to cyclic fatigue fracture and its
importance in root canal preparationthe purpose of this study was to see how different tapers (4% and
6%) affected the cyclic fatigue resistance of the Edge File X7 and 2Shape endodontic systems at 45° and
60°canal curvature.
Methods: Eighty NiTi files from two different systems (N= 40 each) were used; Group 1: Edge File X7,
Group 2: 2Shape. each group was subdivided into four subgroups (N= 10 for each subgroup). The files
were evaluated for cyclic fatigue resistance using a modified custom-made static model with 45°and 60°
angles having a radius of 3mm and a diameter of 1.5 mm. Each file was rotated in a continuous rotation
motion at 300 rpm with 1.2 torque for TS1, 300 rpm with 2.5 torque for TS2, and Edge file X7
was used at 300 rpm and 3 Until it fractured. The time it took to separate the files was noted. Each
file's number of cycles to failure was computed. A Kolmogorov-Smirnova normality test was done for all
groups, and a two-way ANOVA was used to statistically examine the data.
Results: The ranking of the groups from the highest to the lowest NCF was as follows: EdgeFile 4% 45
degrees (6594.00), EdgeFile 6% 45 degrees (6317.90), EdgeFile 4% 60 degrees (5682.00), EdgeFile 6% 60
degrees (2142.00), 2Shape 4% 45 degrees (2517.00), 2Shape 4% 60 degrees (535.90), 2Shape 6% 45
degrees (474.50), and 2Shape 6% 60 degrees (213.00).                                                                                                                                                Conclusions: Edge File X7 showed better results than the 2Shape system. EdgeFile X7 4% at 45 degrees showed the highest NCF.
The 2Shape system 6% at 60 degree that showed lowest NCF. As the canal curvature increased the NCF decreased. Taper 4% is
better than taper 6%.           


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