Erratum to: Effects of a novel dye containing toothpaste versus regular fluoridated toothpaste for supragingival biofilm reduction in patients with chronic gingivitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Rath, A., Chong, J.N., HR, P., Teo, B., Zhen, N., & Yin, O. (2021). Dentistry 3000 2021; 9(1). DOI:

Avita Rath


The name of one of the authors was misspelled by the author during the submission process as well as a name of a collaborator in the acknowledgement section. The author’s name Chong Junning was corrected to Chong Jun Ning. In the acknowledgment section Mr. Che Vern was corrected to Mr. Yeoh Chin Vern. The original manuscript has been updated to reflect the aforementioned changes.

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