Long term radiographic evaluation of a potentially impacted and dilacerated tooth into complete transposition

Hassan Ali shafiee, Golnaz Nahvi, Farzad Aghdashi, Shahryar Karami


Background: Anomalies such as ectopic tooth eruption and transposition are challenging situations that may complicate the orthodontic treatment. Some of these anomalies can only be diagnosed and managed by accurate long-term radiographic examination. Delayed diagnosis could impede simple preventive orthodontic measurements and cause more costly and consuming future complicated orthodontic treatment.

Case Description: We described in detail the long term follow-up of a young female patient referring with a unilateral ectopic eruption. The patient was under close observation and regular orthodontic treatment to guide a unilateral ectopic eruption into a complete transposition of an upper left canine and first premolar. The long term follow-up revealed stables results.

Practical Implications: Early diagnosis and preventive measurements in patients suffering from anomalies such as ectopic eruption is crucial in order to avoid further complications such as tooth impaction and dilaceration formation and adopting the best choice of treatment.


Tooth transposition; ectopic eruption; maxillary canine; orthodontic treatment

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/d3000.2021.138

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