Stress analysis of over-denture abutments treated with two obturation techniques

Ahmed N. Elsherbini, Mohamed M Nagy, Nancy N Elsherbini


Aim: Evaluation of stresses induced on over-denture abutments endodonticaly treated with two different obturation techniques.

Materials and methods: eight mandibular permanent canines were inserted in four pesudo-realistic models.  In each model two canines were placed in it. One canine was treated with lateral obturation technique and the other canine with vertical obturation technique. Four over-denture prostheses were fabricated on the four models. Then strain gauges were attached on the coronal one third of the root buccally and lingually for all eight canines. A metal rod was placed occlusally on the premolar –molar area, and a 50 N load was applied on the middle of the rod using the universal testing machine. Readings were collected. Results: from the collected data the lateral obturation showed 85.25±104.901 µε and the vertical obturation showed 4.875±3.555 µε with significance difference of P<0.05 between the groups.

Conclusion: it can be concluded that the abutments treated with vertical obturation techniques reduced the stresses induced to the supporting structures when compared with the lateral condensation technique.


Over Denture, Abutments, root canal obturation, endodontic obturation technique, stress analysis

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