Familial aggregation of phenotypic expression of premature hair hypopigmentation in the craniofacial region


  • Corey Black University of Pittsburgh




Premature hypopigmentation, gray hair, hair color, male, tobacco, genetic, shaft, follicle, human, adolescent, melanocyte, melanin, stem cells


There are many patients who experience premature hypopigmentation of hair, but do not understand the underlying causes and potential dangers associated with them. The causes range from genetic predisposition to environmental influences such as tobacco use. Premature hypopigmentation of the hair shaft can also be associated with many syndromes; some which cause dental anomalies. Today, treatment options are limited for patients, although various studies are being done on mice to target the underlying mechanism of action. Understanding the differences between all of the possible causes of this particular phenotype can help clinicians better identify the symptoms, educate patients, and possibly modify treatment to suit the needs of each patient on an individual basis.


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